Enterprise Resource Planning


The Hospital Management System (HMS) is a computer-based system that establishes an orderly and systematic method of managing all the departments of a hospital and clinic including patient records for both out-patients and in-patients leading to a more satisfying health care experience starting from patient registration to checkout.


The system manages daily activities of the hospital/clinic in all its departments – Pharmacy, Laboratory, Radiology, Physiotherapy, Records, Out Patient Departments (OPD) and all wards – Medical & Surgical, Maternity, Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Operation Theatre etc.

Basic System Features

The main components of the system include:-

  • Management of International Classification of Diseases (ICD), WHO disease codes, etc and codification of all services in the hospital/clinic for standardized reference and ease of use across the hospital/clinic.
  • Management of registered members details including digital identities including photos
  • Patients Record management through records of medical services provided or rendered to the patient
  • Management of inventory and stock control of pharmacy drugs, laboratory supplies, etc
  • Automated Medical Billing for various medical services provided which include out patients services, in-patient services, ambulance services, etc
  • Management of Cash transactions from Registered Members and casual visitors
  • Generating of medical statistical reports for internal use and submission to the health boards
  • Interfaces with various electronic equipment in the hospital / clinic.
  • Interfacing of medical data to other systems especially accounting packages or ERP systems
  • Management of Lab activities
  • Scheduling of daily appointments
  • Ward services management such as admissions, patient’s movement and discharges.


  • Flexibility ;Application can be tailored to meet your needs
  • Simple ; Easy menu for navigation.
  • Easy to learn ;Graphic user interface of the application is user friendly.
  • Analytics
  • Reports: Generates reports into PDF, HTML, XML

Patient Tracking System

We provide RFID/ WIFI based patient tracking system with patients provided badges at the time of admission to monitor and assist them during their time of stay at the hospital. These badges send alerts based on patient inactivity/activity levels, movement history and entry into restricted zones. There is no need for manual dialing, map look-ups or voice prompts. The badges are also used to queue patients between treatments and reduce wait times, while help is just a button press away. Caregivers can also monitor timed activity/inactivity and automate rounding reminders, viewing patients’ alarms on real-time maps or on their Wi-Fi badges. Better intelligence means improved patient flow, more caregiver interaction and higher throughput, driving revenues.


  • Improve patient flow and throughput by streamlining routine workflows
  • Mitigate resident fall, medication and elopement risks
  • Monitor patient movement history and activity/inactivity
  • Re-chargeable tags have buttons that can be programmed for nurse call
  • Communicate with text messages and send audible reminders to resident badges
  • Notify caregivers before elopement occurs with zone alerts indoors and outdoors
  • Ensure room-level patient visibility using the existing Wi-Fi network
  • Preserve resident independence and safety without surveillance solutions